• Hose and so on. Rather than consider the individual components, assembly and installation of structures that have built-in components are folded and compact monoblock camouflaged product appearance,

• To have the surplus that can be defended in terms of Fitness (ie. Can be directed to different regions of the flow of water passing through the movement of different nerve) • Usage is extremely simple product. • It is a product that can be installed without the need for expert help.

• The introduction in boxes Pre-assembled state, reseller and ease of stage presentation and the facilities for the end user.

• Adjustable through a single dial provides the water temperature. • Consists of vandal resistant components.

• 100% Made in Turkey.

• Dirt, stains, and so on. Thanks to the external factors can be adjusted easily, reduces cleaning time. • Saves space with a low form factor.

• Adapted to the desired area with adjustable jets.

• Without the need of extra batteries can be fixed directly instead of blind worship.

• Lightweight, durable, thanks to the low form factor allows for easy shipping.